Underfloor heating

The apartments will be equipped with underfloor heating, not only to guarantee residents' comfort but also to lower heating costs through efficient energy use.

First-Class Windows

Top-of-the-line triple-pane, double-chamber windows of natural wood are extremely airtight to ensure perfect thermal insulation.


A ventilation system with heat exchangers (heat recovery) will supply fresh air to residential areas and impede the entrance of dust and bacteria from outside. This energy-efficient system, which also prevents moisture from accumulating, helps to save on heating costs.

Outer walls

The high-quality exterior walls will be insulated with Neopor and stone wool for airtightness and warmth. The buildings' light-coloured nano plaster façades will blend in harmoniously on Basanavičiaus Street, as will the dark wood facing further back towards the park.

Walls and partitions

Sturdy masonry walls between rooms will provide excellent sound insulation.

Heating control

Smart heating controls with digital temperature controllers allows different temperatures in different rooms, according to the needs of residents. This system will increase residents' comfort while saving up to 23 percent on heating costs due to the rational use of energy.


The apartments have high ceilings, up to 2.9 m, providing a sense of spaciousness and creating an elegant atmosphere.


Common areas will be equipped with LED lights, which are up to 80 percent more efficient than traditional lighting.

Alarm Systems

For the safety of residents, the apartments will be equipped with security alarm systems, including break-in and motion sensors. The premises will also have a fire alarm system to protect property in case of a fire.


The buildings will be surrounded by a fence with a hedge, and the courtyard will have a lockable entrance gate to ensure the privacy and security of residents. A playground for children will be located in the courtyard.

Smart heating

Smart DANFOSS heating control using electronic regulators will allow to change the temperature in different rooms according to your needs. This system will not only improve comfort conditions, but also save up to 23% of heating costs, in comparison with standard control solutions.

Water descaling

The building will be equipped with an electromagnetic descaling device designed for solid water descaling and long-term protection of pipelines and other devices against limescale and corrosion. The descaling device physically affects water without using salt and other chemicals; the water composition does not change, it retains calcium and magnesium essential to the human body, while water acquires the properties of soft water. It also saves energy for water heating.

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